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Feb 18, 2017
Dec 30, 2011
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Administrator, Male, from Singapore

Deciding whether or not to start a database of math questions and solutions. May 8, 2013

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Feb 18, 2017
    1. rajinder
      dr. we are not having solution for pure mathematics2 and 3 by neill and quadling kindly upload the same if possible
    2. syedalizaib
      Can any one please provide me the pdf solution for New additional mathematics written by Hoo Soo Thong , Khor Nyak Hiong publish by Marshall Cavendish.

      Most of the questions are exactly similar to Panpac additional mathematics but exercise and chapter reference are a bit shuffled.

      I will be very thankful, as I face difficulty in teaching my younger brother.
      1. Goodluck likes this.
      2. Goodluck
        even i need a solution for this book.. please provide
        Feb 7, 2016
    3. och
      How to solve ex.13.1 Q19 from Addtional Math 360 textbook? Thanks!
    4. Abdulla
      Please if possible can you provide the solutions for relative velocity from new additional mathematics by ho soo thong & khor nyak hiong
    5. ascklee
      Deciding whether or not to start a database of math questions and solutions.
    6. newtonleepoonwei
      hi could you post a thread on additional math 360 by marshall cavendish
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    7. Estee
      Mr Lee, I thank you sincerely for all the solutions that you posted!
      I am especially weak in A maths, so I'm very grateful. :>
    8. ascklee
      After a period of inactivity because of work, I am continuing to upload new solutions from today. Thanks for all your emails and messages.
    9. Samson
      Dear Mr Lee, thanks for your solutions! Helped me a lot!
    10. ...-S.J.I.J. 6-JO2012-...
      Mr Lee, I love this website! Good job with it! Surely to improve my scores!
    11. dantenewton
      Hello Mr Lee. I applaud your generous contributions for the benefit of students, and by the way, I got to know your website through The Straits Times today. I am taking my O-Level this year and my goal is getting a distinction for A Maths. I hope to see more of your solutions here (the Panpac Additional Mathematics (Workbook) still needs some more effort). Thank you!
    12. ascklee
      Dear Bob, I'm afraid currently, the site caters more to O-Level students (primarily AMaths). We have no one working on primary material.
    13. Bob Teo
      Mr. Lee, good morning, my grand daughter is now in Primary 4 and she needs some coaching in maths. Any in this website for her? Thanks.
    14. ascklee
      uploading some new stuff ...
    15. ascklee
      Solutions have been added to Shinglee New Syllabus Mathematics 3.
    16. ascklee
      A correction has been made to Exercise 14.2.
    17. ascklee
      Improvements made to Panpac Exercise 14.1.
    18. ascklee
      Shinglee Additional Mathematics - Exercise 4C - complete solutions now available.
    19. ascklee
      Updates to several exercises from Shinglee Additional Mathematics have been uploaded.
    20. ascklee
      A statement on online safety has been added to the introduction.
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