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Discussion in '2: Direct and Inverse Proportions' started by ascklee, Jan 7, 2012.

  1. ascklee Administrator


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  2. Pradeep Kumar New Member

    exercise 2F
    Page 67
    Question No: 5
    Given That B2 is inversely proportional to A+3 and B is always positive, find the value of B when A =17
    if B=5 when A=2
  3. Arnold K H Tan New Member

    Am assuming your B2 means the square of b, which is represented typed out as: b^2 (just as 5^3 = 125)
    (B^2)(A+3) = k (k: constant value)
    Subst. A = 2 and B = 5 into the equation:
    (5^2)(2+3) = k
    (25)(5) = k
    125 = k
    thus, (B^2)(A+3) = 125 is the equation relating variables A and B

    When A = 17,
    (B^2) (17+3) = 125
    B^2 = 125/20 = 25/4
    B = sq.rt(25/4)
    = 5/2 (note that if this were additional mathematics, the answer must be expressed as +/- 5/2)
    = 2.5 (or 2 1/2)
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  4. yumnaghazal New Member

    we need exercise 2d complete
  5. Zahra New Member

    we need EXCERISE 2D complete
  6. Fahadullah Ahmad New Member

    Can't download 2d ex....?
  7. abdul rab New Member

    please can i have the solutions of all exercises in one file or zipped?

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